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Combining scientific research with a holistic approach to treatment for optimum results in rehabilitation and performance.

“Fall in love with the process of rehabilitating and training your animal to ensure they are happy, supple and strong.”

— Calli Charles, Vet Physio Phyle

Vet Physio Phyle

Calli Charles BSc (Hons) Veterinary Physiotherapist (MIRVAP)

Regulated by IRVAP and fully insured.


With over 20 years of equine experience, Calli has been passionate about equine health and wellbeing from a young age. Her riding career began at the age of 6 with Pony Club, and continues on with the same passion she held as a child, training a number of horses up to PSG to fulfil her dressage passion. Calli currently competes her imported PRE gelding called Meji at BD Novice, training at Elementary.

Prior to graduating from her Veterinary Physiotherapy degree, Calli began Vet Physio Phyle as an Instagram page in order to document her journey to becoming a qualified veterinary physiotherapist. Following rapid growth, Vet Physio Phyle is now an established social media and blog platform which aims to provide accessible information about equine musculoskeletal health and compassionate training to horse owners.

Above all, Calli’s main aim of practice is to simply make horses happy; through providing premium treatment modalities and approaches in addition to targeting the psychological aspect of rehabilitation. Utterly inspired by her horse Meji who required intensive rehabilitation following his importation from Spain in 2019.

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Calli welcomes contact via social media platforms, phone and email to discuss your horses case and potential treatment options. Although she experiences high demand, she will endeavour to respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

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Over 30 hours of CPD conducted each year.

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