Pectoral Musculature of the Equine

Anatomy The pectoral muscle group of the horse is comprised of four separate muscles: transverse pectoral, ascending pectoral, descending pectoral and subclavius. These muscles are commonly categorised into superficial pectoral (transverse and descending), deep pectoral (ascending) and subclavius. The pectoral mm.* function together to adduct the forelimb and suspend the trunk between the two thoracicContinue reading “Pectoral Musculature of the Equine”

The Equine Iliopsoas Muscle

Following my attendance to an insightful and thought-provoking lecture and demonstration by Tom Beech (The Osteopathic Vet), Ricky Gache (Farrier) and Mandy Miller (Olympus Saddlery Ltd) at Lomond Classical Equestrian Centre… this weeks muscle focus will orientate around the Iliopsoas muscle group of the horse. This blog post will also touch on “The Psoas Theory” whichContinue reading “The Equine Iliopsoas Muscle”