WINTER WEBINAR SERIES: The Ribcage & How It Generates Back Release**


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This one is for all the complex back cases ie. those that can’t quite seem to find that last puzzle piece to unlock the back, and horses who are maybe not that gifted conformationally ie. short backed!

Created for the inspired horse owner, and the rider that wishes to up their fame when it comes to relaxation and increased functionality of the back during both in-hand & ridden exercise.

A highly requested webinar to discuss the importance of mobilisation and correct functioning of the ribcage to facilitate deeper releases through the back. This webinar will touch on the following:

  • Spinal and Ribcage Anatomy
  • The Influence of the Ribcage on Spinal Biomechanics
  • What Goes Wrong – Ribcage restrictions, dysfunctions and negative posture patterns
  • Exercises to Encourage Ribcage Release & Improve Back Mobility and Strength

**Webinar will be available to view from 6PM on the 30th November 2023


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