Vol 2 Polework Inspiration


A second edition of my popular first release from 2020. Taking you through 12 polework exercises for the year, and containing an explanation of how each exercise will benefit your horse and what tasks are being achieved.

This is a useful resource for all horse owners looking to progress their polework ability throughout the year with the feeling that you have your physiotherapist by your side at all times, guiding you through the process!

The e-Book is separated into four sections complete with annotated diagrams:

  1. Section One: The Theory of Polework – why does polework help my horse?
  2. Section Two: Setting up Poles for My Horse – what distance? How high should I raise my poles? How long should my polework sessions last?
  3. Section Three: Polework Layouts – progressing in difficulty throughout the book, the inspiration pages are complete with diagrams and therapeutic aim that will be achieved by completing.
  4. Section Four: Progress Log – monitor your progress through each exercise by tracking performance.
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