Stage 1 Groundwork Programme e-Book


A groundwork strengthening programme for those just beginning their groundwork journey. Containing groundwork exercises, annotated diagrams and research based theory to guide you through strengthening both your horses musculoskeletal system and mind.

This programme is separated into six stages and can be completed over 6 weeks for a fit horse looking to improve performance, or over a longer period for horses undertaking rehabilitation from an injury.

  • Stage 1 – Stimulating the Proprioceptive System
  • Stage 2 – Creating Lateral Suppleness
  • Stage 3 – Engagement and Recruitment
  • Stage 4 – Developing and Strengthening
  • Stage 5 – Focused Postural Re-education
  • Stage 6 – Posture for Endurance
  • Exercise Ideas and Inspiration for horses in low, medium and high level work to integrate into exercise regimes.

This programme is an amalgamation of all my inspirations and experience I have accrued through rehabilitating my own horse and a variety of client horses.

Through discussing the use of training aids, poles, hills, groundwork patterns and more, the user will be able to strengthen their horse holistically for long term musculoskeletal fitness.

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