Exercise Programme for Introduction to Resistance Band System


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This Exercise Programme is a dynamic training approach suited to those wanting to introduce the resistance band system to their horse. Whilst this training system is super useful and readily available to horse owners and trainers, it is crucial that they are both introduced and used appropriately.

This programme will steer away from the standard use of these bands solely whilst lunging; it combines the use of groundwork and polework exercises that have been specifically designed to be progressive, to improve the strengthening abilities of your horse. With this programme, you will be able to target specific muscle groups and promote muscle development, whilst also improving your horses balance, co-ordination & psychological awareness of posture. Suitable for horses of varying ages and fitness levels, the programme is adjustable depending on your horses ability and requirements.

This programme provides a comprehensive and gradual approach to resistance band training.


This programme will take the user through The Five Stages of Resistance Band Strengthening. From introducing the band on the ground, through key groundwork & polework exercises to ensure your horse is engaging their body correctly, all the way through to how to introduce the band system into ridden work whilst also incorporating a few snippets of research studies along the way!


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