Equine Rehabilitation Journal e-Book


A Motivational Journal for Owners Rehabilitating their Horses.

Sometimes you can lose track of how far you have come, or one bad week can overshadow the good weeks that proceeded it. You may forget all of the good things that the vet or physiotherapist noticed on your last appointment, but focus on the one “bad” thing they said. For this reason, I decided to create the “Equine Rehabilitation Journal” for horse owners currently rehabilitating their horse to document their progress.

This e-Book includes:

  • Diagram of the skeletal system to help you visualise and isolate the area of tissue dysfunction.
  • Long term and short term goal setting
  • How to manage a bad week
  • Your favourite pole work exercises
  • Exercise prescription progress tracker
  • Dates for appointments
  • Appointment feedback notes page
  • Landmarks and Achievements acknowledgment page
  • Interspersed motivational quotes to keep you going through tough times, and for you to nod inherently in agreement to when everything is going swimmingly.
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