The FER Approach

A postural re-education approach that combines a series of physiotherapeutic techniques in addition to in-hand & ridden based exercises to positively influence your horses “muscular architecture”. This approach promotes the functional and correct engagement of muscles, unlocking your horse and providing a basis for suppleness training. 

A logo inspired by the outline of Calli’s own horse, Meji, who inspired the whole approach.

What does FER Approach stand for?

FER stands for Functional Engagement and Realignment. It is a physiotherapy and training approach that has been devised by Calli Charles of Vet Physio Phyle to bridge the gap between musculoskeletal restrictions & asymmetries and movement patterns under saddle.

What principles does this approach encompass?

This approach focuses on 4 key elements of equine muscle functionality, posture, symmetry and suppleness. Through the process of postural rehabilitation with my own horse, in addition to years as a veterinary physiotherapist, I became hyperaware of how many horses do not have the postural strength for their ridden demands. From this, I devised a series of progressive and integrative exercises that work to relax negative postural structures, stimulate positive postural strengtheners and promote suppleness and symmetry through the body for optimum performance.

How can I learn more?

  1. Join the online course
  2. Book in for an in-person or online consultation and treatment with Calli


The FER Approach Online Course

The FER Approach online course is designed for those who would like to be able to learn more about this approach. More than just a step by step tutorial, this course underlines the principles of the educational “Developing a Therapeutic Eye” series in ways that are applicable to your own horse.

  • FER Mobilisations – a library of 20 videos demonstrating a series of mobilisation and release exercises to complete with your horse at home.
  • Equine Anatomy 101 – understand the anatomical theory behind the FER Approach. From muscles, nerve pathways, and fascia to build an understanding of dysfunctional patterns.
  • FER Groundwork & Polework – a library of 20 videos on specific groundwork and polework exercises that are targeted for musculoskeletal mobilisation.
  • Support from Calli – Monthly Q&A’s throughout course until 2024.


FER Approach Course

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Book a Consult

Book in for a consultation with Calli for the application of FER physiotherapy techniques to your horse or a virtual consultation.

  • FER Approach – comprehensive postural assessment (statically and dynamically) followed by a treatment.
  • Bespoke FER Groundwork & Polework – bespoke exercises in order to reinforce the releases from their physiotherapy treatment.


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