COVID-19 Declaration

Vet Physio Phyle prioritises biosecurity and hygiene as an aspect of practice that is of paramount importance. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to be a part of our lives, Vet Physio Phyle has implemented additional measures in order to keep you and your animals safe whilst also providing treatments. Guidelines outlined by the UK Government, DEFRA, RCVS and IRVAP are being strictly adhered to.

A COVID-19 Declaration form is to be completed and signed for each client upon booking in order to risk assess each stables visit and ensure the client does not experience symptoms. The steps taken to protect clients and their animals by Vet Physio Phyle are also outlined below.

Actions Taken

  • Pre-visit risk assessment for each yard.
  • Sanitising equipment and clothing in between each appointment.
  • Hand washing with hot water and soap between each appointment in addition to hand sanitiser use.
  • Strict use of face masks at all times.
  • Daily temperature checks that are recorded.
  • Subscriptions to NHS Track and Trace app.
  • In the event of being unwell, the client will be contacted as soon as possible to reschedule appointments. No client will be visited in the instance where I am unwell.
  • New referrals will be discussed with the vet to determine the clinical condition of each case in addition to the practical considerations of stable yard set up.

Client Actions

  • Please ensure only one person is present at the time of the appointment with no congregating or spectating of appointments.
  • Please ensure that the location where the treatment is taking place is not in an area of high volume traffic.
  • Please ensure the horse is tied up appropriately for the appointment time to avoid contact with both yourself and head collars/leadropes.
  • Please ensure all gates/doors are open for my arrival to avoid contact.
  • Please have a bucket of water ready to hand for either hand washing or for Radiofrequency appointments.
  • All payments are to be made by bank transfer or Paypal. No cash please.
  • Please wear a mask for the duration of the treatment and ensure to maintain a 2 meter distance from me at all times.
  • If your horse is unsettled to treat, please either have a haynet ready or discuss the potential for sedation from your vet.
  • Please ensure loose dogs are kept away from my area of practice to decrease risk of transmission further.
  • All clients are to complete a COVID-19 Declaration Form prior to the appointment time which confirms that you are not experiencing or come into known contact with anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, and also risk assessment for each stable yard. If this changes, please notify me as soon as possible.

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